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ANAT-FM nonwoven fabric
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The heat - resistant nonwoven fabric reinforced by ANAT - FM (TU 8397 - 003 - 11757835 - 2006) Material nonwoven Arselonovy represents the heat - resistant igloprobivny cloth made of fiber Arselon with the reinforcing grid from complex thread Arselon. Material nonwoven Arselonovy is intended for...
Group: Nonwoven materials
Yarn arselonovy
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Pyazha of linear density 25; 29 and 46 teks, both single and twisted.Structure of yarn - 100% Arselon. Detailed information: Or by phone: +7(495)5833867
Group: Yarn
Fabric art. 169
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We bring to your attention fabric an art. 169 of arselonovy yarn. Main characteristics of arselonovy fabric: · Article: 169; · Country producer: Russia; · Material: Arselon; · Composition of raw materials: Arselon of 100%; · Area density: 390 - 400 g/m2; · Quickly to: 400 C; · Air...
Group: Fabrics
ANAT-FM-T nonwoven fabric
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ANAT-FM-T nonwoven fabric Nonwoven fabric Arselonovy ANAT-FM-T with the improved properties is developed novy, represents the heat-resistant igloprobivny reinforced cloth. This material differs in the increased chemical firmness. Material nonwoven Arselonovy is intended for production of...
Group: Nonwoven materials
Fabric for production of overalls, the article 1S-144
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Greasy fabric for tailoring of overalls Detailed information: Or by phone: + 7(495)5833867
Group: Workwear Fabrics
TFA-1V fabric
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Fabric filtering heat - resistant arselonovy vorsovanny TFA - 1V (TU - 8388 - 001 - 11757835 - 2006)   TFA - 1V fabric is applied to production of filtering sleeves for a filtration of hot gases with a temperature of 250 With and humidity to 5% in nonferrous and ferrous metallurgy, is cement...
Group: Filter cloth
TTA-4M fabric
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TTA-4M fabric Fabric has high heat-resistant stability that allows to exploit her at a temperature of 250 With for up to 3 years, material maintains temperature peaks to 400 C, at the same time does not take seat and does not melt. Fabric has the high durability and wear resistance. Stable...
Group: Filter cloth
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Mittens warm iskrozashchitnye. TU 8578 - 002 - 11757835 - 2006  CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY NO. TC RU C - RU. AB24.B.04379 RU NO. 0433582 SERIES Mittens are heat - resistant heat - shielding, are made of arselonovy fabric, scales are intended for protection of the hands working from contact...
Group: Mittens workers
The sleeve is filtering
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  Filtering sleeves Our organization is engaged in tailoring of filtering sleeves, from materials as own production and import materials. Materials for a dry filtration are applied to dust removal in systems a heat gas purification with filtering sleeves of the following types: industrial gas...
Group: Filtering sleeves
The products made from materials and on the basis of fiber and thread Arselon
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Oversleeves are made of fabric arselon or nonwoven fabric. For production of oversleeves we use Arselonovy fabrics, it rather soft not to hold down labor movement and strong to maintain high temperatures and splashes of the heated metal. The best material for overalls of welders not to find. Our...
Group: Oversleeves workers
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Group: Working gloves
Arselono-Aramidnaya fabric
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Arselono-Aramidnaya fabric, can be used as filtering and  for production of protective special clothes. Short technical characteristic: 1. Fabric width - 105 cm, 160 cm 2. Area density - 340 +/-20 gr/kv.m 3. Explosive loading of a strip of fabric of 50х200 mm on a basis - not less than 170,0...
Group: Textiles for industry


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